November 7

OliveTech Partners with Lumen Technologies for Enhanced IT Services


We’re excited to let you know that OliveTech has started a new partnership with Lumen Technologies. This is big news for us, and here’s why it matters for you as business owners and clients.

Lumen Technologies: They’re a big name in providing internet services and cloud solutions. Think of them as the behind-the-scenes experts who make sure businesses can run their operations online smoothly and securely.

What Our Partnership Means:

  • Better Internet and More Services: With Lumen’s help, we can now offer you a wider range of internet services. Whether you’re working from an office or remotely, we can make your internet connection more reliable, which means fewer interruptions in your day-to-day work.
  • Staying Ahead with Technology: The tech world is always changing, and it can be tough to keep up. Our partnership with Lumen means we get the latest insights and tools to help your business stay up to date without the hassle.
  • Stronger Support: Lumen has a solid network and infrastructure. For you, this means we have a stronger foundation to build on, so we can support your business as it grows and your technology needs get more complex.
  • Simpler Systems for Us, Better Service for You: Lumen’s got a new system that helps us manage our services more smoothly. This might not sound exciting, but it’s like having a better toolset to fix a problem faster and more efficiently, which means less waiting for you.
  • Smart Sales Tools: We also have access to smarter tools to manage our sales process, which might not affect you directly, but it helps us serve you better and keep everything running smoothly on our end.

This partnership isn’t about getting more technical jargon thrown at you—it’s about making your experience smoother and your business more connected. As we roll out new improvements and services, we’re here to make sure they make sense for you and your business.

Stay tuned for updates as we bring these new benefits into our work together. And as always, thank you for trusting OliveTech with your IT needs.

Your OliveTech Team


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