Realize The Work From Home (WFH) Opportunity

The nature of work has changed forever. Employees can now work from anywhere, limited only by their ability to access information. The business challenge is enabling communication and collaboration while securing identities, devices, applications, and data.

OliveTech’s cybersecurity and work-from-home services make remote working more accessible and secure than ever. We help our clients embrace the future of work using the most secure and collaborative technologies.

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OliveTech’s Managed Solutions

Our solutions improve your employees’ productivity and satisfaction and create seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms. We help you maintain the security and integrity of systems and data.

Our managed services, security and compliance, and business continuity services help you reduce risk and be more competitive. Your business will function smoothly every day thanks to our ongoing support, management, security, and monitoring services.

OliveTech’s Success

This is the best value IT service you will find. Can’t recommend enough.
Brycen Williams, Esq.
Founder & Managing Partner
As a small business owner in Denver, working with OliveTech just made sense. They helped us improve our remote work setup, making things more secure and efficient. It’s nice having IT support that gets what we need without all the fuss.
Alex Martinez, Innovative Solutions
“Time and again, OliveTech has proven to be more than just a tech solutions provider; they are true partners in our firm’s growth and evolution. Their expertise in enhancing our email and server systems has been instrumental in optimizing our daily operations.”
Business Manager
Law Firm

Explore OliveTech’s Managed Services

Optimize Remote Workforce

Managed Hybrid and Remote
IT Services

Enhance Microsoft 365 integration for seamless remote collaboration.
Centralize documents and data with cloud migration solutions.
Boost productivity using virtual meetings and communication tools.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Align with Cyber Frameworks

Implement robust cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches.
Align with CIS Controls version 8 and other industry security frameworks.
Secure sensitive information and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.
Implement robust cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches.

Uninterrupted Operations

Business Continuity Solutions

Scale IT resources with flexible managed services for growing businesses.
Protect critical data with backup and disaster recovery services.
Minimize expenses with ITaaS (IT as a Service) subscription models.

Streamlined Operations Management

Expert IT Support

Receive rapid-response email, phone, and chat support for IT issues.
Rely on dedicated IT engineers for personalized, professional guidance.
Monitor devices and maintain documentation for efficient IT operations.


OliveTech’s Plans

Standard 2.4

For small businesses looking for an on-call helpdesk and simple IT

Low-cost Managed IT with an on-call helpdesk for simple technology management.

Pro 2.4

Small businesses and small enterprises that need helpdesk and foundational cybersecurity

Essential Security Service to ensure your systems are available when you need them.

Elite 2.4

For organizations required to comply with industry regulations and protect against confidentiality breaches

Advanced Security Services for industry compliance & protection against confidentiality breaches.

About OliveTech

Our mission is to build North Colorado businesses a path to the future of work. We’ve worked with local companies for over 15 years, helping create thriving hybrid or fully remote workplaces. We provide hands-on support and strategic advice, helping drive businesses forward. OliveTech doesn’t bill for commoditized, automated services or focus on ‘managed IT infrastructure’ over employee-tech experience. Instead, we look at your whole business, starting with your employees.