Premier Law Firm: Server Upgrade & Microsoft 365 Success

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The renowned law firm faced a pressing issue with its aging server and email hosting system. The firm's practice management software depended on the server, which was nearing capacity, and the email server was becoming a source of recurring problems. Let's delve into the details of this case and see how OliveTech provided a cutting-edge solution.

The Problem

The server storage at this law firm was approaching full capacity, which was crucial for running their practice management software and storing essential files. Furthermore, the firm's email hosting system was only compatible with IMAP, resulting in oversized mailboxes due to the volume of documents exchanged daily. Whenever issues arose, they were met with time-consuming tasks such as mailbox re-syncing or importing and exporting emails. Not to mention, the performance was increasingly sluggish, impacting the firm's overall efficiency.

The Necessity of an Upgrade

Email communication is an integral part of any law firm's operations. At the firm frequent issues with their email server were becoming a significant obstacle. To address these challenges, OliveTech proposed a two-pronged solution: migrating email hosting to Microsoft 365 and replacing the current server with a state-of-the-art file and applications server equipped with the latest Windows Server operating system.

OliveTech's Solution

OliveTech provided a seamless migration of email hosting to Microsoft 365, ensuring minimal disruption to the law firm's operations. Alongside this, they replaced the existing server with a high-performance Dell server, offering a solid warranty for peace of mind.


The swift implementation of Microsoft 365 eradicated previous email issues and enabled the syncing of calendars to mobile devices, thereby enhancing productivity. The newly installed server significantly boosted the speed of the practice management application. Additionally, the ample storage on the new server ensures a long-term solution for the firm's data needs.

"Time and again, OliveTech has proven to be more than just a tech solutions provider; they are true partners in our firm's growth and evolution. Their expertise in enhancing our email and server systems has been instrumental in optimizing our daily operations."

S.M. Office Manager


This case study illustrates how an optimized server and email solution can significantly improve a law firm's operations. By partnering with OliveTech, this law firm not only resolved their immediate issues but also invested in a sustainable, long-term technology solution.

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