Transforming Dental Practice Management: Digital Migration to Microsoft 365


A premier children’s dental practice in Northern Colorado recently transitioned from an outdated server-based infrastructure to the modern and reliable Microsoft 365 ecosystem, redefining its approach to practice management.

The Challenge

Formerly reliant on Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2013, which was later upgraded to Windows Server 2012, the dental practice faced numerous challenges. As their hardware and operating system approached end-of-life, they dealt with frequent mailbox storage issues, unreliable email services, inconsistent document storage, and a hodgepodge of Office products that impacted productivity.

The Transition to Cloud-Based Solutions

The dental practice had previously moved its practice management software to a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for a dedicated server for databases and applications. However, the task of managing file storage, user identity directory (ActiveDirectory), and network policies for an extensive range of computers still posed significant challenges.

OliveTech’s Solution

OliveTech, a specialist in Microsoft solutions, recommended a comprehensive migration to Microsoft 365. This proposed shift involved moving file storage to SharePoint and OneDrive for file syncing, adopting cloud-based email through Microsoft 365, and utilizing Intune for efficient computer management.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365

Shifting to SharePoint allowed for more accessible, secure, and collaborative file storage. The transition to cloud-based email drastically improved the reliability of email services and provided ample storage space. With Intune, IT administration became significantly streamlined.

Enhanced Communication and Scheduling

The digital transformation also involved a shift from the free tier of Slack to Microsoft Teams, enhancing internal communication by quickly searching, accessing, and working with Office documents.


The practice’s migration to Microsoft 365 was a significant step in its digital transformation journey. By replacing outdated systems with modern cloud solutions, they have not only resolved legacy issues but have also unlocked new levels of efficiency and productivity in their dental practice management.