CyberSecurity Plan Features and Benifits

CyberGuardian Blueprint 

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CyberGuardian Blueprint is the ultimate security solution crafted for the financial sector. Combining advanced cybersecurity, identity management, and strategic IT support, it ensures your firm upholds the highest standards of data integrity and client trust. Choose unparalleled protection and proactive planning with CyberGuardiaan Blueprint—where safeguarding your data is our top priority.

Comprehensive Security Protocol

IG1 Full Coverage + Select IG2 Controls for advanced cybersecurity.
See the Intro to CIS Controls by clicking Here.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for around-the-clock protection.

Regular security audits to ensure continuous integrity and confidentiality.

Advanced Identity Protection

State-of-the-art Identity and Access Management.

Multi-factor authentication to secure client and firm data.

Access controls are tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals.

Proactive IT Strategy and Governance

Quarterly IT Strategy Sessions to plan and review IT infrastructure.

Strategic guidance for compliance with legal industry IT standards.

Consultation on best practices for data protection and risk management.

Data Management and Recovery

Enhanced Microsoft 365 & Cloud Backup solutions.

Secure, encrypted storage and backup of sensitive client information.

Swift and reliable data recovery services for uninterrupted legal practice.

Customizable Add-On Options

Teams Voice for secure and confidential client communication.

Additional add-ons are available to meet specific operational needs.

Dedicated Support and Expertise

Access to a dedicated team of IT experts familiar with financial sector requirements.

Responsive customer service to address technical issues promptly.

Ongoing consultation to adapt to the evolving landscape of IT in law.

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