February 5

CIS Controls v8 Intro


CIS Controls are a set of actionable security best practices that offer comprehensive protection against prevalent cyber threats. Organized into Implementation Groups (IGs), these controls provide a structured approach to cybersecurity. IG1 lays the foundation with essential security measures suitable for all organizations, aiming to mitigate the most common cyber risks. IG2 expands upon this with intermediate controls, offering a higher level of security for organizations ready to enhance their cyber defense posture.

What sets CIS Controls apart is their designed compatibility with other regulatory and security frameworks, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST. This inherent alignment facilitates streamlined compliance with a variety of standards, enabling organizations to efficiently manage their cybersecurity strategies while adhering to multiple regulatory requirements. The integration of CIS Controls into an organization’s cybersecurity framework simplifies the complex landscape of compliance and security management, making it easier to achieve a robust and compliant security posture.


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