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Join dozens of businesses enhancing their IT efficiency with us.

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“This is the best value IT service you will find. Can’t recommend enough.”

-Brycen Williams – Williams & Ray, PLLC

What we do

Nice things from our partners

“Time and again, OliveTech has proven to be more than just a tech solutions provider; they are true partners in our firm’s growth and evolution. Their expertise in enhancing our email and server systems has been instrumental in optimizing our daily operations.”

“Partnering with OliveTech was the best decision for my startup. Their IT solutions are top-notch, and the team really gets what small businesses need. They made tech easy for us! “
Liggett, Johnson & Goodman, P.C.

“Navigating the digital landscape was daunting until I found OliveTech. Their tailored digital marketing strategies have significantly grown my client base. They’re the tech ally every small business owner needs.”

“OliveTech’s IT solutions have streamlined our clinic’s operations, ensuring data security and enhancing patient experience. Their team understands the unique needs of healthcare businesses, providing exceptional support every step of the way.

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Meet Your IT Director

Todd Hebebrand, a Microsoft 365 Cloud, Azure Infrastructure, and cybersecurity expert, envisioned a company that would serve as a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to businesses.

Our Vision for the Future

Though we were founded in early 2021, our mission is clear: to become the go-to managed IT services provider for businesses in Northern Colorado. We’re not just planning for today; we’re strategizing for your future.

The OliveTech Difference

What sets us apart is our holistic approach. We don’t just focus on ‘managed IT infrastructure’; we look at your entire business, starting with your employees.

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Secure, Seamless, Anywhere with OliveTech

Modernize Strategically

Technical Expertise

Trusted Partnership

Personalized Service

Employee Growth

Your Path to a Secure and Collaborative Future

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OliveTech’s Plans

Standard v23

For small businesses looking for an on-call helpdesk and simple IT

Low-cost Managed IT with an on-call helpdesk for simple technology management.

Pro v23

Small businesses and small enterprises that need helpdesk and foundational cybersecurity

Essential Security Service to ensure your systems are available when you need them.

Elite v23

For organizations required to comply with industry regulations and protect against confidentiality breaches

Advanced Security Services for industry compliance & protection against confidentiality breaches.