May 31

How to Do it Yourself: Perform Quarterly Data Recovery Tests

Test Your Data Recovery Process Quarterly to Ensure Business Continuity

Regularly testing your data recovery process is crucial for ensuring that you can quickly recover from data loss incidents. This guide will walk you through performing quarterly data recovery tests, aligning with CIS Control 10.5 (Data Recovery Capabilities).

Step 1: Set Up a Backup Solution

Start by ensuring you have a reliable backup solution in place, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Azure Backup, or third-party solutions like Veeam or Acronis. Schedule regular backups (daily or weekly) to keep your data consistently protected.

Step 2: Identify Critical Data

Determine which data is essential for your business operations. Create an inventory of this critical data and ensure it's backed up in multiple locations, both locally and in the cloud.

Step 3: Simulate Data Loss

To test your recovery process, simulate a data loss scenario. Select a sample of critical data and delete it from your system, documenting each step of the deletion and recovery process for review.

Step 4: Restore Data from Backups

Perform the data recovery process using your backup tool to restore the deleted data. Verify that the recovered data is complete and uncorrupted.

Step 5: Review and Improve

After completing the test, assess the speed and effectiveness of your data recovery process. Based on the results and feedback, update your data recovery procedures to optimize future recovery efforts.

Why Data Recovery Testing Matters

Regular data recovery testing ensures that your backups are reliable and that you can quickly restore data in the event of a loss. This minimizes downtime and potential data loss, maintaining your business's continuity.

This step aligns with CIS Control 10.5: Data Recovery Capabilities, which focuses on ensuring that data recovery processes are in place and regularly tested.

By following these steps, you can effectively perform data recovery tests and enhance your business's resilience to data loss incidents. Stay tuned for more tips on managing your business's cybersecurity risk effectively.

For more details on securing your business, check out our CyberGuardian Blueprint.


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