May 31

How to Do it Yourself: Manage Service Accounts

Secure Your Business by Managing Service Accounts Effectively

Regularly reviewing and managing service accounts is essential for maintaining the security of your business systems. This guide will walk you through managing service accounts effectively, aligning with CIS Control 4.8 (Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges).

Step 1: Identify Service Accounts

Start by identifying all service accounts in your environment. Use tools like Microsoft Intune, Azure AD, or a spreadsheet to list all service accounts and categorize them based on their purpose and level of access.

Step 2: Limit Permissions

Ensure service accounts have the minimum permissions necessary by applying the principle of least privilege. Use role-based access control (RBAC) to assign permissions, granting only the access required for each account to perform its intended function.

Step 3: Regularly Review Service Accounts

Conduct regular reviews of all service accounts to ensure they are still needed and properly configured. Schedule periodic access reviews and monitor audit logs to track service account activity and identify any suspicious behavior.

Step 4: Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhance security by requiring additional verification for service accounts. Use Azure AD to enable MFA and configure options such as authentication apps, SMS, or phone calls to add an extra layer of protection.

Step 5: Monitor and Respond to Alerts

Set up monitoring and alerts for service account activities. Configure your monitoring tools to alert you of any unusual activity related to service accounts and have an incident response plan in place to address any security issues promptly.

Why Service Account Management Matters

Proper management of service accounts helps prevent unauthorized access and reduces the risk of security breaches. By following best practices and regularly reviewing and managing service accounts, you can significantly enhance your business's security posture.

This step aligns with CIS Control 4.8: Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges, which focuses on securing and managing administrative privileges to reduce vulnerabilities.

By implementing these steps, you can effectively manage service accounts and strengthen your business's cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more tips on managing your business's cybersecurity risk effectively.

For more details on securing your business, check out our CyberGuardian Blueprint.


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