May 31

How to Do it Yourself: Adopt Behavior-Based Malware Protection

Enhance Your Business's Security with Behavior-Based Malware Protection

Using sophisticated malware protection that looks for unusual behavior is crucial for detecting and blocking threats. This guide will walk you through setting up behavior-based malware protection, aligning with CIS Control 8.5 (Malware Defenses).

Step 1: Choose a Malware Protection Solution

Select a tool that offers behavior-based malware protection, such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (included in Microsoft 365) or third-party solutions like Huntress, CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, or Malwarebytes.

Step 2: Configure Real-Time Protection

Set up real-time protection to monitor and block malicious activities. Ensure real-time scanning is enabled in your malware protection tool and enable behavioral analysis features to detect unusual behavior.

Step 3: Schedule Regular Scans

Perform regular scans to identify and remove malware. Schedule full system scans on a weekly or monthly basis and set up daily quick scans to catch threats early.

Step 4: Monitor and Respond to Alerts

Regularly monitor alerts and take appropriate action. Configure your tool to send notifications for detected threats and follow your incident response plan to contain and remediate threats promptly.

Step 5: Keep Malware Definitions Updated

Ensure your malware protection tool is up-to-date with the latest threat definitions. Enable automatic updates for malware definitions and periodically check for and install updates manually if needed.

Why Behavior-Based Malware Protection Matters

Behavior-based malware protection helps detect and block threats that traditional signature-based solutions might miss, providing an additional layer of security. By monitoring for unusual behavior, these tools can identify and stop malware that may otherwise go undetected.

This step aligns with CIS Control 8.5: Malware Defenses, which focuses on implementing and managing malware defenses to protect against malicious software.

By implementing these steps, you can set up effective behavior-based malware protection and significantly enhance your business's security posture. Stay tuned for more tips on managing your business's cybersecurity risk effectively.

For more details on securing your business, check out our CyberGuardian Blueprint.


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